About Me

About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog The Aussie Witch, this very first post is a quick introduction to tell you a little bit about me and why I started this blog.

I’m a twenty-something, Australian born and raised, eclectic Witch who started my path about eighteen-months ago while living in the U.S.A. While I was there I had SO MANY RESOURCES online about basically anything I wanted to know that pertained to Witchcraft/Paganism. Then I got home about six months ago and was completely taken aback at the lack of online resources for Southern Hemisphere practitioners, I could barely find more than a handful of blogs and most of them were not up to the same level as our Northern Hemisphere counterparts.

So, The Aussie Witch was born out of necessity and a deeply ingrained desire to help others. I hope this becomes a place that Southern Hemisphere Witches/Pagans can gather to find information, to swap ideas and rituals and to build a like minded community.

I will be posting on a range of topics including:
– The Wheel of the Year
– Spells & Rituals
– Gods & Goddesses
– Eco-Friendly Living
– Pagan Parenting
– Child Friendly Practices & Activities

I will be endeavoring to share at least one post a week, hopefully more!

Blessed Be,
The Aussie Witch


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